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All the content and emulators has been updated to December 2019. We still alive!
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Latest update – We still alive!

Are you Looking for retro video games? Emuparadise.online still alive guys! The biggest retro gaming community with more than 100,000 ROMs, ISOs and Emulators for free continue working today. Download your Games from our website and enjoy playing your favorite games!

Emuparadise is the most trusted platform that offers emulators, ROMs, ISOs, Gaming Music, and BIOS to run games on your system. As you know, it is not possible to play certain games on the PC because those games were designed for video game consoles. What if you still want to play those entertaining games on your PC? You will need an emulator and ROMs to emulate popular gaming consoles and play games on your PC.

It might seem like a daunting task to perform but that’s why we are serving online at Emuparadise. We eliminate complications associated with emulation and help you in gaining all the required gaming content online.

Emuparadise BIOS

The BIOS or Basic Input/Output System file is a non-volatile software, which plays an important role in hardware initialization when you emulate another video game console on your PC. The emulator cannot work without the BIOS file. You can call it a key and a lock because emulator cannot work without that BIOS file. That’s why you need to check the emulator is downloaded with the BIOS file or not. If the BIOS file is not there, Emuparadise can provide that essential file to run the emulator.

The emulator will never work without BIOS file and you also need to ensure that you have downloaded the right BIOS file. Suppose you are trying to emulate PS2 and you have downloaded a wrong BIOS file, it will never work on your PC.

emuparadise online

Now you might have understood why sometimes your system shows that error “No BIOS Found”. It is displayed when there is no BIOS file available or a wrong BIOS file is coupled with the emulator program. You must get your hands on the right BIOS file.

Emuparadise is the best platform to find ROMs and updated BIOS files. We are dedicated to deliver the best solutions for your gaming needs. We always keep sharp eyes on new updates and fetch the most recently updated programs and files to deliver a flawless gaming experience to our users.

How to recognize you have got the right BIOS file?

Every gaming software application requires a unique BIOS ROM file to run perfectly. Sometimes you get those files coupled with the emulator program and sometimes you don’t. It is your responsibility to recognize you have got the right file otherwise installing and running the emulator program is going to be a tough and very frustrating task.

The BIOS files are designed to communicate with the PC’s microprocessor in order to make sure that all the essential elements of your device are activated during the booting process. However, it is not the only task BIOS files perform. BIOS files also play a crucial role in maintaining and managing the flow of data from your computer’s OS to peripheral devices, including the mouse, keyboard, hard disk, and other devices you have attached to play games. Therefore, it becomes more important to ensure you are using the right BIOS file.

Different users prefer different emulator programs, such as MAME, GBA, PS2, PSP, and so on. Your first focus should be finding the BIOS file if downloaded with the emulator program. Now make sure it is the latest file designed for that particular emulator. If that file is outdated or a wrong BIOS file, you visit Emuparadise to find and download the right BIOS file for the emulator you are using.

We have a wide collection of BIOS files along with premium and freeROMs. We are operating legally and you will never face any issue in operating your emulator if you are relying on us for the emulator program and its adjacent files.

How to add the new BIOS file?

People, who are using the emulator for the first time, may find it a bit daunting to learn how to place the BIOS files perfectly to run the program. First of all, use our platform to find and download the right BIOS file. It will not take a long time and then you are ready to proceed ahead. Now you will have to find the ROM folder of your emulator and transfer the BIOS file in that ROM folder.

emuparadise bios

You might face some confusing technical hassles when transferring BIOS files individually. So, create a single folder of BIOS files by compressing them by using the compression tool available on your computer, and then transfer all the files together. That’s how you can add BIOS files to your PC conveniently.

Test the BIOS file

You already know how to add BIOS files to the emulator ROM. Now is the time to launch your emulator in order to test it is running smoothly or not. It would be much better, if you test the BIOS archive before you launch that program.

It is quite easy to test BIOS. All you need to do is open your PC’s command line, search for emulator dictionary, and then type verifyroms. Suppose you are using Mame, type mame-verfyroms and then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. This particular command will assess and verify all the BIOS available in the archive. This operation will ensure that your emulator will run smoothly.

This information will certainly make emulator gaming more enjoyable for you. Our job at Emuparadise is to provide all the critical information on emulators, ROMs, ISOs, and BIOS to make sure you can deal with all the difficulties you face while playing games on your emulator.

Is Emuparadise safe?

The internet is flooded with platforms providing emulators, ROMS, ISOs, BIOSs, and other such stuff. LoveROMs has ruled the internet for quite a long time before this platform discontinued. Now Emuparadise is one of the most popular platforms to get everything you need to play those impressive retro games. A question might pop-up in your mind “Is Emuparadise Safe”?

We understand nobody wants to face risks in terms of legal issues and also with the performance of their devices. Therefore, people seek a platform that provides high-quality programs without injecting any harmful virus program.

We are competing against some big names and we are fully committed to our work. You will never get any harmful file coupled with the needed program when you download ROMs or other program from our platform. We are operating legally and therefore your emulator will work smoothly if you choose us. You will play all your favorite retro and new games smoothly on your emulator program without facing any program. We also help our users in upgrading their programs with time to prevent technical issues. Therefore, it is safe to rely on Emuparadise for all your gaming demands.

What happened to Emuparadise?

Emuparadise has been serving for the last 18 years. It is also not untouched with the troubles other premiere emulation platforms have faced. This platform has been threatened several times during the early days and then the host decided to shut down the servers because of raising complaints. We do not believe in any kind of violation and that’s why we have always dealt with adverse situations in a professional way.

Our founder had started this platform to entertain users, who have not gotten the chance of playing all those amazing retro games. The main purpose of establishing this platform was to make it possible for the people to play all their favorite retro games on the PC. We have met with many professionals with similar vision and collaborated with them to provide the best gaming content possible.

We have formed a very beautiful platform and our goal is to continue serving people, who seek quality solutions for emulator gaming. We do not want to risk everything we have earned and break our users’ trust. Therefore, Emuparadise has decided to revamp things and start a new platform. You will get everything you need but from a new platform. Yes, this platform is changing and still we assure you to serve in the same way we have served till the date.

The Best Emuparadise Alternatives

Emuparadise has been the best platform to find and download ROMs, games, ISOs, and BIOSs, but that huge library does not exist anymore. We understand many of our users have found it frustrating because they trusted our platform for all their gaming demands. Now the time is to look for other equally good and reliable alternatives until Emuparadise gets back with that massive library. So, here are five best alternatives you can try.

emuparadise alternatives

  1. CoolROM

CoolROM is probably the best alternative to Emuparadise. It has been our competitor for so long and it is still serving actively. This platform is trusted by numerous gamers for the gaming resources it arranges and provides online. Here you can find thousands of retro games, emulators, ROMs, ISOs, and tutorials. It provides high-quality emulation programs for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. You can also find emulators for your PC along with all kinds of ROM files. This platform is simply the best because of its user-friendly features and straightforward operation.

  1. DopeROMS

Renowned as an interactive archive of retro video games, DopeROMS provides the users with all the popular retro video games. Yes, it provides tools for both mobile and desktop devices. The website is pretty impressive and user-friendly. Along with a comprehensive guide on how to emulate, this platform provides access to a vast number of ROM files. In addition, it also has a great collection of emulators. You can search and find any file you are looking for. You can download ROMs very fast and start playing the required game within a few minutes. That’s why this platform is worth considerable.

  1. ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler is not a new name for emulator gamers. It has been a reliable online platform for finding and downloading games, ROMs, emulators, and other files. Whether you are operating a desktop or mobile phone, ROM Hustler provides emulators for both kinds of devices. This platform can provide emulators for all different types of video game consoles. Everything from popular consoles to popular games is depicted on the home page of this website. So, it would be quite easier for you to find and download the required files.

  1. ROMUlation

You can thoroughly rely on ROMUlation for all your demands until Emuparadise get back online. This platform is relying on point system to avoid abuse. Every user gets 10000 points at the time of sign up. This platform counts 1 point for every megabyte you install on your PC. You will lose 50 points if you install a 50mb file on your PC. That count will continue until you reach the limit of 10000 points. That’s how this platform prevents users from abusing the services provided online. Yes, this platform features a beautiful website with a vast collection of games, ROMs, and other essential files.

  1. The Old Computer

The Old Computer features probably the largest collection of ROMs and Emulators. This platform is providing more than 600,000 ROMs for Snes, Nes, DS, Gameboy, DS, MAME, GBA, Commodore, Sega, PC, and for many other popular platforms. It is quite difficult to find such a vast collection online at a very trusted platform. This platform takes pride in providing rare ROMs for over 540 different consoles and computers. If you are looking for a huge collection of MAME sets, then The Old Computer is the platform you should visit right now.

There is never going to be the lack of options when you want to download emulators, ROMs, ISOs, and BIOS. However, it will always be tricky to find another as trusted platform as Emuparadise. It will not take too long to get back with that huge library.

You can rely on the above listed five platforms during that time to keep the entertainment going. There will be no risk regarding the firmware, file quality, and you will get complete files to install and play games immediately. So, check those platforms now if you are looking for a particular retro game or a software to play your favorite games.

Popular emulators available

Most of us have played video games of the early days. Today’s games are also quite entertaining but people still miss the games they had played during their childhood. Of course, it would be tough to find and play games on those old-school video game consoles. There is no need to do so when Emuparadise is providing the most popular emulator programs along with ROMs and other essential files.

You can check those top rated emulators in the below given list and pick the best one to play your favorite games on the PC or your Android phone.

Emuparadise PS2 Emulator

Many emulators are designed to allow the users to play their favorite PS2 games on Android devices, computer, and laptop. You can also use this emulator on macOS, iOS, Linux, and Symbian. These programs are designed to provide the users with increased speed and portability. Emulators for PS2 have been around for quite a long time and these programs are still people’s favorite choice for the type of gaming solutions it offers.

We have a great collection of emulators designed specifically to emulate PS2 on the PCs, Android, and iOS devices. You can download all your favorite PS2 games and play them on this emulator to enjoy those game like you used to do on your PS2.

GBA (Game Boy Advanced)

Game Boy Advance is one of the most popular 32-bit handheld video game consoles. It was developed and produced by Nintendo. People usually buy this video game console to play all those impressive Nintendo games. You do not need to do that because we are offering a way of playing those impressive games on your mobile phone or PC.

Check the list of GBA emulators we are providing at Emuparadise and choose a reliable emulator to play your favorite GBA games. Thus, you will not spend any penny from your pocket for playing all the GBA games. And also, you can check best GBC Color emulators.


PSP was introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2004. It is a part of Sony’s 7th gen video game consoles. Yes, it is costly and that’s why everyone does not like to buy it. That does not mean people do not want to play the PlayStation Portable games.

We are offering many great programs to emulate PSP on your PC or Smartphone. Check the collection of PSP emulators we have on Emuparadise and download the best emulator to play your favorite PSP games on your PC or mobile phone. PPSSPP Emulator is one of the most powerful APK to play psp games in your smartphone or PC.


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System of SNES was introduced by Nintendo during 1990. Nintendo has sold over 49.1 million units across the globe. Now you can imagine how popular this video game console was during those days. Nintendo has discontinued the SNES production during 2003, but the demands for SNES games are not over. People still want to play those entertaining SNES games. Therefore, we are offering SNES emulators to play those wonderful games on computers and smartphones. Check our library of SNES emulators and download the best one to play your favorite SNES games without any trouble. Check SNES Emulators.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS or DS is another popular two screen handheld gaming console introduced by Nintendo during 2004. It was discontinued by Nintendo during 2013, but people did not forget the games they had played on DS.

You are on the right place to find the best DS emulator. We have a wide range of DS emulators. We are also offering a broad range of games you can play on DS emulator online. So, go through our library and download the best DS emulator now.


Commonly pronounced as WEE, Wii is a home video game console introduced by Nintendo during 2006. Nintendo has produced and sold this console for over 7 years and then discontinued its production. Now you cannot find a new version of this console, but we are offering Wii emulators at Emuparadise to play Wii games on the PC and smartphones.

Check our collection of Wii emulators and you will find some amazing programs. It will take just a few minutes to download and install the best Wii emulator and then you can start playing your favorite Nintendo games on your device.


MAME or Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator is an emulator designed to mimic arcade game system’s hardware. All those retro games you used to play on that large gaming machine are now available for your PC and smartphone. You just need to download MAME emulator and run it on your PC or smartphone.

We are offering the best MAME emulator, which installs quickly and runs all those popular arcade games smoothly. So, download it now and you can play all your favorite retro style games for entertainment.


Nintendo GameCube is the sixth-generation home video game console introduced by Nintend in 2001. Nintendo had stopped producing and selling this video game console in 2007 after selling over 21 million units worldwide. Many of us had started playing video games on Dolphin, which was a popular name given to GameCube. Now it is not available but people are still playing Nintendo GameCube games.

Gamers use advanced GameCube emulators to turn their PC or smartphone into the GameCube video game console for a while. You can also do the same by downloading GameCube emulator at Emuparadise. We have many great GameCube emulator programs, which you can download and install on your device.

Get your hands on the best tools to play your favorite old games

Emuparadise is committed to deliver a flawless gaming experience. That’s why we have survived so long in this industry and continued to serve, even after receiving complaints and threatening messages. We provide freeROMs, emulators, ROMs, ISOs, BIOSs, and you can download ROMs without facing any kind of technical hassle.

Our user-friendly platform allows retro game lover to find and download all those entertaining games within the shortest possible time. We have a vast collection of games, emulators, and other programs, which every gamer need to play popular old-school games on computers and portable devices. We will continue to provide everything you need to enjoy your childhood games again.