RomUlation, One of the Most Trusted Platforms to Download Classic Video Game ROMs

Those days are gone when people used to play games on Nintendo consoles. Even though those old-school games were not as feature-rich as the modern-age games, people still miss those classic games. Users now use dedicated video game consoles only for playing high-end games. When it comes to playing old-school games, people simply use an emulator program to turn their PC or Smartphone into a classic video game console for a while.

Emulators allow you to play all the classic video games. Yes, you need to download those video game files separately and these files are known as game ROMs. RomUlation is one of the most trusted platforms for downloading.ISO and ROM files.

Is RomUlation safe? Does it provide genuine files? Continue reading to reveal some important facts about RomUlation.

What is Romulation?

RomUlation is one of the most popular websites for finding and downloading video game ROMs. Users also review this platform as one of the safest platforms to get ROMs. It relies on an advanced system to prevent abuse. It still offers a remarkable experience because it has a huge library of ROMs, premium products, and tutorials.

You can access this platform only once you are registered. It offers every user with 10000 points in the account at the time of sign-up. This platform charges one point to download each megabyte. For example, if you install 1000MB files on your PC, it will require 1000 points. You cannot download the files if you do not have enough points.

Regular members get more perks. This platform provides regular members with 500 points every day for 24 hours. The users can get up to 50000 points to meet their demands. That’s why classic game lovers love this platform and prefer it over some other popular ROM sites.

RomUlation is certainly a great platform for those, who want to live their childhood again. This platform provides ROMs for all the famous classic video games. You get enough points to download programs and ROMs you need to play those classic games. This website is not quite popular on social media platforms, yet it entertains thousands of users daily. People trust RomUlation for the content it provides and not because of any promotional campaign. That’s why it is one of the most widely used platforms for downloading video game ROMs.

Is Romulation safe?

An emulator is just a program and it is not illegal to use an emulator. It is thoroughly useless until you download and load a game ROM file on your emulator to play that game. It is illegal to download game ROMs and it is similar to downloading pirated movies and shows. You can face legal charges if you get caught.

Nobody wants to face such issues just for downloading a classic game file. That’s why people seek a safe and protected platform to download old-school video game ROMs without taking any serious risk. RomUlation provides ROM files for numerous games and it is safe. Let’s reveal how it is a safe choice.

  • Complete privacy:

This platform does not track user activities. It keeps all your details private to itself. Unlike RomUlation, other platforms sell user details to their partners and other services. This platform does not compromise with your safety and provides the best protection to keep your gaming activities secret.

This platform has also partnered with VPNHub to provide additional safety to its users. VPNHub provides every user with a 7-day free VPN trial in order to protect their identity. You can use this service while downloading ROMs from RomUlation without revealing your identity.

  • No download abuse:

RomUlation is one of a few platforms that use a point system. This point system is intended to avoid download abuse. This platform has a huge library of ROMs. If there will be no point system, some users might saturate the connection. It will affect other user’s experience with RomUlation.

We have already explained how this platform provides points and how a user can use those points to download ROMs. In case you run out of points, you can acquire more points in many different ways.

However, there is a premium membership plan. You can acquire premium membership of RomUlation and then you will not need points to download files. Premium members need to upload screenshots and every time a screenshot is approved, the user gets 50 points.

Whenever a user uses his points to download a ROM file, his points are deducted immediately. The user can download the same file time-and-again for free for the next 72 hours. This facility is offered to save the user in saving his points in case of interrupted transfer or broken download. That’s how this platform provides the user with a lot of ROMs without taking the risk of content abuse.

  • Additional support:

RomUlation provides several tutorials and technical support through its Discord community and forum. You can ask for the solution of technical issues you are facing when running a game on your emulator or even on your video game console. This platform will provide the best support to resolve your issue.

All these features prove RomUlation is an authentic source of classic game ROMs. You can bank on this platform without worrying about any legal threat and download all your favourite game for free.

How to Download Games from Romulation?

You cannot download games from RomUlation if you are not a registered user. So, first, you should sign up and then proceed ahead.

  • Select your system, for example, Nintendo DS
  • Now you can search for the ROM by name or you can choose a game from the list of ROM presented by this platform
  • Click on the name of the game
  • RomUlation will present complete information regarding the game, such as file size, file name, points needed to download, and other such details
  • Read all the game details and then click on the “Download” option to get the game ROM

This platform might show a few ads before initiating the download. Cut those ads and select “Download from North American Server”. Your download will begin and you will get that game file within a minute. Guests can enjoy the download speed of 100kb/s whereas premium members can download games at 250kb/s speed.

The process is pretty simple, but points play a crucial role. You should use your points carefully if you are not a premium member. You will have to acquire more points in case you lose all.

Why are some games restricted on RomUlation?

RomUlation does not develop any game. It also sources ROMs from its partners and provides those files on its platform. Not all the old-school video game developers try to restrict such actions, but companies like Nintendo have always been aggressive. If you search for a particular game and do not find it on RomUlation or other ROM sites, it is restricted. It means, the original developer company prohibits sharing its games on the internet. That’s why you cannot find or download certain games from RomUlation. Copyright issue has affected many renowned ROM providing sites and RomUlation is no exception.

What happened to Romulation?

Online ROM file providing sites are now facing some big issues. These platforms provide ROMs developed by past’s renowned video game developers. Although those old developers are not in competition today, they want to protect the content they had created. That’s why they are raiding classic game ROM file providing sites. Many website owners have faced legal charges because of such situations.

RomUlation did not want to face any of such issues and that’s why it has removed content created by certain video game developers. It is still active and providing a huge list of ROMs to play on emulator. This platform has removed all the content related to NDS. It was only 10% of all the RomUlation provides. Therefore, it did not face any significant blow due to Nintendo’s action.

People, who want to download NDS games, they may feel disappointed because they may not find the required files. Nintendo’s stance is quite aggressive against all the other platforms which are sharing NDS classic game ROMs. Therefore, many other websites are facing troubles. RomUlation has decided to remove NDS files and provide other files and that was the only right decision to prevent the ban.

Play Classic ROMs thanks to Romulation

The time is not good for classic game fans and platforms which are providing old-school game ROMs. RomUlation still stands tall as one of the best ROM and ISO file providers. This platform is going to help you in reliving your childhood memories. Sign up now and get access to thousands of classic video game ROMs.

Yes, you will need an emulator program to run your favourite classic games on your mobile phone or PC. Download the emulator and then download ROMs from RomUlation. This platform also provides a complete tutorial to teach how to run classic games on an emulator. So, try this platform now and use all the points you will get for free to install and play your favourite games.

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